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You will study three different equilibria:

1A. The solubility of Metal Hydroxides

eq1e.gif (2271 bytes)
1B. The equilibrium between M(H2O)6+2 and MCl4-2 eq2e.gif (3193 bytes)
2.   The formation of FeSCN+2? eq3e.gif (3488 bytes)
eqcuppt.gif (4128 bytes)

Part 1A

In this part you will produce an insoluble hydroxide such as this Cu(OH)2. You will then test to see under what conditions this hydroxide will dissolve and explain this solubility in terms of an equilibrium or a combination of equilibria.

Part 1B

You will visually study the reaction of an aquated Transition Metal ion with Chloride ions to form the chloro complex.

On the right you can visably see the difference between Ni(H2O)6+2 and NiCl4-2 . What would happen if you heat the tube containing the Chloro complex and HCl? Would the yellow color deepen or would it become greenish.

The computer will assign the transition metal you will study.

R.W. Kluiber 3/23/98