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Do this experiment in your Lab Section
After this Lab Practical starts....
  • No Talking; No Help
  • You may not use.... Notes or the PRE-LAB
  • Directions and DATA SHEET will be furnished by the instructor.
  • No extra paper. Make calculations on the back of Directions or DATA Sheet.
  • Experiments are late after the end of the period
  • All experiments must be turned in before you leave.
  • All experiments not turned in will be collected 30 minutes after class ends.
In this experiment you will...
  1. Do the necessary preparation, calibration and standardization.
    • A. Calibrate the Gas Buret
      • Measure the ungraduated space in your"Gas Buret" (for use in 2.)
    • B. Prepare 1M HCl by dilution
      • V1C1= V2C2
    • C. Standardize this diluted HCl
      • use NaOH of known concentration
      • use the Standardized HCl in 2.
  2. Do the EXPERIMENT
    • Dissolve completely a known mass of an UNKNOWN metal in an assigned excess volume of the 1 M HCl made above.
    • You will determine the Equivalent Weight of the metal two ways.
      • By measuring the Volume of H2 liberated
      • By determining the amount of HCl used up in the reaction.

RWK 12/2/97