Molecular Weight of an Acid
by Titration

This is a Lab Practical

You have 120 minutes to complete this experiment
No Talking, No Notes, No Help!
You may not use your Manual or PRELAB.
Brief experimental directions will be given.

There is a..... TUTORIAL

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  • Make about 300 mL of 0.3 M NaOH by dilution. The concentration of the original NaOH will be provided.
  • Standardize this diluted NaOH with Standard HCl furnished by the stockroom. The exact concentration of this HCl will be provided to 4 sig figs.
  • Use this Standardized NaOH to titrate a weighed sample of Unknown Monoprotic Acid.
  • Calculate the Molecular Weight of the acid to one part in a thousand.
    This requires that you make all measurements to at least this accuracy.
    REMEMBER: if you do subtractions you need enough sig figs to maintain the 4 sig figs for the "difference".

To review some techniques in acid base titration, see.......  Acid Titration
(a Chem 113 experiment)

RWK 1/98