There are several Freshman level Chemistry laboratories taught at Rutgers University in Newark
  • Chem 113-114 General Chemistry Laboratory  This is designed   for science majors (biology, chemistry, geology, etc) and  is taken in tandem with the General Chemistry lecture, Chem115-116.  The experiments done in this laboratory  amplify the lecture material. The laboratory involves extensive and novel use of the computer.   For a more detailed information see  about General Chemistry Lab.
  • Chem 109.  World of Chemistry This is a stand alone, one credit laboratory-oriented introductory course designed for non-science majors.   It is open to all students with no pre- or co-requisites.  It covers all chemistry including organic chemistry in one semester. It involves a combination of lecture based material and laboratory work.   Again, this course  is highly dependent on the computer and videos. This course, in this new format,  is in preparation for introduction in Fall 2000.
  • Chem 110  Organo-Biochemistry Laboratory.  This is designed  mainly for non-science majors and School of Nursing students.

   R.W. Kluiber 3/29/2000