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The Calibration of Volumetric Glassware
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Experimental science frequently requires accurate
measurement of volumes.
A number of specialized pieces of laboratory glassware have been designed and created to deliver or contain volumes of water accurate to about 0.01 mL.
Among these are the:
Volumetric Flask

Slightly less accurate is the Graduated Cylinder

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But does a 10.00 mL pipet actually deliver exactly 10.00 mL?

Like many things which have absolute values assigned to them by impersonal others, we frequently take for granted that a 10.00 mL pipet actually does deliver 10.00 mL of liquid. But should we? And does it????

Note all volumetric glassware have narrow cross-sections where the volume is actually measured so that errors in filling, emptying or reading result in minimal errors in the actual volume measured.

Where in the real world do you depend on equipment which delivers accurate volumes of liquid?

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R.W. Kluiber 1/13/2000