This is one of  the most important steps in this analysis.
Weighing the copper standard, dissolving and diluting it to volume are done only
If you make a mistake here, all the rest of your work, even if done perfectly, will not produce good results.
Use a funnel and a wash bottle to insure that all the weighed out and dissolved copper is transferred into the volumetric flask.
Start by pouring  the copper solution into the volumetric flask through the funnel. 
While the beaker is still tilting downward, rinse off the lip of the beaker into the funnel using the wash bottle.
When all copper has been washed from the lip, tilt the beaker right-side up and rinse with some distilled water.
Again, pour this rinse into the volumetric flask using the funnel. Wash the beaker's lip as before.
Rinse one or two more times.
Now rinse the inside of the funnel as you raise it out of the volumetric flask.
Finally, rinse the outside of the funnel stem into the volumetric flask.

After transferring, dilute to the 100.0 mL mark and mix thoroughly.

RWK 1997