In this experiment you will investigate HYDRATES from four points of view.
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PART A.... _____You will determine whether or not an assigned compound is a HYDRATE. This involves qualitative observations, principally as to whether or not water is released upon heating.
PART B.... _____You will study the reversible hydration and dehydration of a compound by observing color changes
PART C.... _____You will observe the stability of HYDRATES at room temperature and humidity.
Hydrates can be characterized by the following terms.

  Deliquescent... Hygroscopic... Efflorescent... Stable
PART D.... _____You will quantitatively determine the amount of water lost by a HYDRATE upon heating.
From this you will determine
A. Per cent water
in hydrate

B. Mole ratio, water to anhydrous salt
(Determining a partial empirical formula)
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