a PLAYCHEM experiment
stability and equilibrium concentrations of moneycules

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Q3D3P3 resonance.GIF (5487 bytes)Q3D3P3, a resonance stabilized   $1.08 moneycule

It has been reported that under special circumstances, a pocket full of change can interact to form moneycules, clusters of coins held together by greed.  The exact moneycules formed are determined by the coins available and two additional factors.

Curiously, where possible, the coins tend to cluster to produce a  $0.99 moneycule!

As in the real world, reactions proceed only if they produce  greater WEALTH.  In the process, VALUE is frequently decreased

In this experiment you will predict moneycular reactions based on the calculated changes in WEALTH and VALUE.

RW Kluiber 1/19/2000