Rutgers University in Newark

General Chemistry Laboratory     Second Semester

Chem 114           Summer 2003

Starting 7/21/03 

25 point Extra Credit....   Ice.

There is a PreLab which must be passed IceASA

See PlayChem menu.


This week's (7/21 - 7/24)  experiments are scheduled for:

At the end of the week, the course is more than half over!



Don't forget the Lab Practical, Monday, 7/14/03.  You are allowed 2 hours from the start of class (8:30 AM or 3:00 PM).

Extra Credit is SOAP

This must be done right after the  Lab Practical. 

Also next week, KINETICS and EQUILIBRIUM

Do not get behind!!!



Welcome to the second semester General Chemistry Laboratory

Regarding Chem 113.

The following grade distribution:

A... 21     B+...  11    B... 17   C+... 11  C... 14  D... 2   F... 2

Highest grades on the final...  235, 222, 220, 210

Highest total points... 1585, 1574, 1533, 1522