pH and Buffers

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This experiment involves:
  • Indicators and pH paper
  • pH meter (traditional and computerized)
  • Titration curves of weak and strong Acids
  • Determining the MW and Ka of a weak acid by titration with NaOH.
  • Calculations involving Ka
  • Buffers
  • Hydrolysis of Salts

The many colors of Methyl Violet

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pHmethylviolet.JPG (55218 bytes) Methyl violet is a weak base which changes color when it picks up protons.

Its colors are due to the large number of conjugated P bonds.
These make it easy to absorb visible light.

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Adapted from a demonstration by Prof. Doris Kolb (emeritus), Bradley University given at 15BCCE Waterloo, Ontario, 1998.

RWK 3/23/98
RW Kluiber 8/18/98