a PLAYCHEM experiment
a question of SINK or FLOAT and NUTRITION

SODACANS in a FISHTANK (circa 1997)

The above modern art masterpiece depicts a scene many of you have previously observed. Remember that picnic, it was late and you were looking for a last soda in the ice chest. Where did you find it? Floating on top with the last of the ice cubes or sunk to the bottom?
This study will examine this question from a theoretical-experimental point of view. It will also ask you to understand the "contents label" and the "nutrition label" now required by law on most packages of food.

As you do this experiment:

  1. As to "sink or float", ask yourself ....
    • What property of matter does this involve?
    • How does the can and its contents affect this property?
  2. And what do the labels tell you....
    • Do the contents explain sink or float?
    • Once your body has equilibrated the water content, how much "permanent" weight can you gain by drinking the can's contents?

To check typical soda can labels , click on........................ LABELS

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.RW.Kluiber 1/18/2000